Our passion is coffee and tea. Two of the most complex drinks.
In order to help entrepreneurs in the same industry, we offer periodic training and workshops. Our Chao YouTube channel provides tips, information and techniques relevant for coffee and milk tea shop owners.
Check out our books for home and business - over 500 recipes that are creative, simple and budget-friendly:
'All Things Milk Tea' and
'The Basic Barista'.
We also provide assistance to startups all over the world, via online consultation and workshops. 
We supply our own blends of specialty black tea, green tea and chocolate.


At Chao, we source our coffee responsible.

From a family of coffee farmers we know and trust.  Fellow coffee fanatics and our trusted partners in the wonderfully complex story of coffee going from farm to cup.

Our calling is to honour our farmers and friends by paying them well, roasting their coffee in a way that honour their history and traditions, and serving their coffee with love and gratitude. We acknowledge and respect the hard intricate work of the coffee farmers and everyone involved. We carry these on to all coffee lovers in this extraordinary world of coffee.

We have chosen local coffee grown in Northern Thailand under Arabia Coffee Roasters for their honest farming, premium quality coffee beans, single origin and most importantly, for their taste and aroma.

We also supply flavours, accessories and equipment for coffee and tea. More to provide a service to our viewers and customers. 
We look forward to your continued support and we wish you the best in everything that you do.
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